Storyshowing MASTERCLASS


Learn Storytelling + Storyshowing to captivate & transform your audiences every time.

  • Become a captivating storyteller
  • Generate confident self-expression
  • Transform your listeners to action every time



Who this is for

This is for multi-passionate womxn wanting to captivate and transform an audience every time they speak whether from the stage or in their business.

  • Are you willing to say what you’ve never said before, in a way that you’ve never said it?
  • Are you willing to allow that dream of yours, that you were born to live, to come alive in your talk?
  • Are you willing to free yourself from fear to stand in your greatness?


Learn Storyshowing

  • A womxn’s journey of Speaking with passion, power & purpose
  • Authentically connect with your audiences through storytelling


Storytelling fundamentals

  • How to utilise your internal narratives and emotions
  • Captivate your audiences through storyshowing


Storyshowing skills

  • Master authentic gestures as communication
  • Learn the ‘Vivid Storshowing method’ that captivates and transforms the listener every time!

Coached by top 1% Public Speaking Coaches, Keynote Speaker and Author

  • Learn the tools and insights speakers and actors use
  • Coaching and Peer feedback


Great venue

  • Enjoyable environment for womxn to thrive

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