To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind said Buddha

The TRUTH IS, we repeat what we repeatedly think.
Over time, our consistent patterns of thinking become wired into our brain, creating a pathway of thinking.
Here are THE STEPS I discovered through my personal journey, to Become the LEADER of MY MIND . . .

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – Our mind needs to know the ‘problem’ is being taken care of and not being ignored (to relax the mind). “Ahh theres that thought again, let me consider it as it’s obviously important to me”

GRATITUDE – “I am grateful for this opportunity” and “Thank you thought for taking care of me, but I’ve got a more resourceful way of taking care of this now which is . . . “

SWIPE LEFT – Kindly put the thought aside (in place of trying to shut off or force out the thought/s) “You negative thought/s sit over there, so you can see that Ive got a better way”

“GO” GREEN LIGHT – Imagining the new thinking with a “Go” green light helps profoundly. It’s putting the ‘magnifying glass’ on the new way, drawing on emphasis and excitement to put all of your energy into the creation of the new pathway.
HOW this works . . .

Billions of neurons in our brains are fired each time we think. When we repeat a thought and group together similar thoughts, all firing together, this build what’s called a neural (brain) pathway. Patterns of thinking become entrenched – an automated way of thinking.

If we try to shut off, or shut out our ‘negative’ un-resourceful thoughts showing negativity the door’ as the saying goes, and try to be ‘positive’ instead, the thoughts remain with us. We feel harassed by them.

To create a new resourceful pathway in opposition to the ‘negative’ un-resourceful pathway, we need to allow our brain to disintegrate (release the need for) the old and rebuild the new. This is why acknowledgement, gratitude and swipe left works.

When we entertain and practice new thinking and ideas -frequently repeated, the neurons begin tor transmit information together in a rapid sequence, wiring a new pathway. This is why consistently repeating resourceful thoughts and habits is important. “Go” green light!

Brain imaging studies show us the effects of practicing being the leader of our mind with practiced mindfulness and shifting to a resourceful solution.

Our thoughts aren’t us, they are patterns that lead us. Become the leader!

When it comes to Fear and Fear of Public Speaking,
begin to change the pathways of your brain so that the executive center, responsible for setting goals, planning and performing (prefrontal cortex), can (over time) shut off your rapidly-firing fear-based emotion control centre (amygdala).