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Ideal for TED Talks, Self Authored Talks, Inspirational, Motivational and Transformational Speeches.

Craft your signature talk and start captivating audiences in 14 days.

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Author Your Signature Talk 

This is immersive and transformational training with a professional speaker to fast-track results.

Craft a credible self-authored inspirational and transformational talk into the 3 Public Speaking formats, plus a pitch to get booked to speak..

100% success rate!


You are personally coached by Keynote Speaker, Author, Coach, and Entrepreneur Fur Wale. Fur’s skills are deeply-founded in public speaking, writing, and performance; behavioural science, cognitive-neuroscience, meta-cognition, sports psychology, TV presenting, radio presenting, stage acting, improv, commercial modelling, catwalk, English literature, journalism, copy, storytelling/showing, TEDx, keynotes, speeches, pitches.

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