Speakers Fast Track


Craft your signature talk and start captivating audiences in 12 days.

Ideal for TED Talks, Self Authored Talks, Inspirational – Motivational Speeches.

Deposit $49. No-interest installments. Your investment $3,997


This is immersive and transformational training with a professional speaker to fast-track results. You will be coached by international Keynote Speaker Fur Wale. “I will get you out there captivating audiences in 12 days!”

❤ Craft a credible self-authored talk, inspirational and transformational talk.

❤ Step-by-step guidance. Your thoughts are crafted into a captivating talk.

❤ Learn how to generate authentic content consistently.

❤ Learn key strategies and memorising skills for public speaking.

❤ Overcome blocks to confidently deliver anywhere, to anyone, and every time.

❤ Hone authentic and empowering public speaking skills, and start delivering them ASAP!

❤ Guaranteed results: You will be guided to reach your intended goals to achieve gaining further speaking gigs!


What You Receive

* Set up call – Google live document – Assessment of where you are at, what you need and want to achieve, and the milestones for your intentions & goals.

* 5 in-person 2hr Mentor Coaching Sessions (Zoom and Phone)

* Daily 5-15 minute review by phone (scheduled during the prior phone call)

* In-person practice session with feedback

* Post Talk Coaching Session


* Guest Speaker (10 min talk) at SHE Talks

* Additional relevant tool/s

*Lifetime membership

On-going Support

* Direct access to Fur Wale

Bonus Coaching

Pay in full to receive a BONUS Coaching session plus your very own Speakers Sheet

Additional Options

* Promo reel – to get booked: $500

* Your very own Speakers Sheet – to get booked: $200



Money Back Guarantee



100% success rate!

“Fur Wale is highly skilled plus she is all in to get you beyond the finish line. I am truly living the reality of my vision now, and that would never have happened without Fur’s coaching” Speaker Samantha Beaumont

“Fur Wale is a powerhouse! Her training is brilliant and she is really present. I went from a brain dump to a keynote talk and ready to deliver in 12-days! “Pull up your big girl pants” and strap yourself in for an incredibly powerful ride.” Business owner Gemm Rice

“I knew what I wanted to speak about. What I didn’t know was how to structure my talk in a way that took the audience on a captivating journey. Fur has a way of drawing out the magic in your story and the power in your messages. Fur is a powerful trainer and mentor who first has you identify what matters to you in the delivery of your message. I am honoured to have worked with Fur. Her in-depth guidance and training have stayed with me and served me well. My talk and delivery are everything I could want them to be. I have since been booked to speak at professional organisations.“ Melaine Robinson Blind Dogs Australia



You are personally coached by Keynote Speaker, Author, Coach, and Entrepreneur Fur Wale. Fur’s skills are deeply-founded in public speaking, writing, and performance; behavioural science, cognitive-neuroscience, meta-cognition, sports psychology, TV presenting, radio presenting, stage acting, improv, commercial modelling, catwalk, English literature, journalism, copy, storytelling/showing, TEDx, keynotes, speeches, pitches.

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