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    Top Reasons To Book Fur Wale

    Fur’s life experiences are pivotal in her highly engaging delivery.

    Fur is adept at conveying a strong message with stories never heard before.

    Focused on delivering transformative content and leaving the audience with an invitation to take something on.


    Fur Wale had many challenging experiences in her youth and into her 30’s. The result is that Fur possesses a profound insight into what creates consistently successful outcomes. Fur went on to create 3 businesses. One of those as a public speaker. It is heart warming to hear about her tenacity to not only survive set-backs but to show up for life’s opportunities and thrive through the strategies and tools she now posesses.

    What Makes Fur Unique

    Fur’s message is especially pertinent to women. Essentially transforming the conversations of our culture “…because women are the most profound role models we have. What women say or do not say will affect generations to come” says Fur.

    Bringing into service her ability to understand human potential, combined with skills in public speaking, her authenticity and love of developing connections, Fur Wale crafts and delivers impactful keynotes, speeches, training workshops, resources and mentoring for both women and female youth.


    Fur’s mission is to self-empower and equip individuals with the core ingredients for their personal leadership success through public speaking, that will allow for further success within their roles and their communities.

    What You Most Want To Know

    Fur makes it her priority to deliver a talk that is closely aligned with the organisations values and engages the audience meaningfully with high energy and story showing.

    Fur thrives in front of large audiences and maintains the same level of enthusiasm with small groups.

    Fur has a remarkable background in public speaking, writing, women’s empowerment, leadership, mentoring, group facilitation, hosting
    events, entrepreneurship, human behaviour, sports psychology, cognitive psychology, anthropology and neuroscience, theatre, radio and TV.

    Fun Facts About Fur Wale

    First Female Deckhand in QLD. Helped create the first stalking laws.

    TV Presenter, Radio Show Host, Actor in Community Theatre Company.

    Face Painter for Cadbury and Peters ice-cream.

    Currently loves Yin Yoga and Italian Coffee!


    “Fur Wale is one of the most gifted inspirational speakers I have had the privilege of having at my recent event – The Parici Spring Racing High Tea Fashion Party. She has a remarkable presence as a speaker and easily connects with the audience.”

    Pareena Nageea of Keate Management

    Special Event Speeches

    International Women’s Day for Vision Australia / Parici Women Connect. Earth Hour. National Homelessness Awareness Week. Anti-Poverty Week. VAMFF with Henry Roth. Geelong Women in Business launch with Travis Bell ‘The Bucket list Guy’. Ms Australia Pageant. Spring Racing. Magnificent Miss Pageant. Better Hearing Australia. RMIT Alumni. La Trobe University. Seed Training Group. Keat Management. Real People Talent Agency. Dymocks Book Launch. Women’s Collective. Five Minutes of Fame. Equal Societies Do Better. Women In Need Australia, Project Dovetail. Riding for the Disabled Associations. Gala Fashion Runway. Port Phillip Council. The Art Group Exhibition Openings. Artist Effrosini Exhibition openings. Starlight Children’s Foundation. Roarhouse showcase. ETC.

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