Two decades ago when I started getting booked to speak at events, I threw out the awards and trophies I received. I was of the mindset that it wasn’t about the awards or trophies – my life wasn’t about being acknowledged as a public speaker.

My life’s about sharing messages that elevate and transform the listener, creating the momentum in the conversations out there in the world, with the intention of contributing to positive change in the way we all get to live.

Fortunately I was able to get some trophies re-sent to me. I decided that I would dedicate a shelf to these awards and trophies because they are a wonderful celebration of the hurdles I’ve crossed, the self-doubt and imposter syndrome I had to put aside. They are a celebration of the milestones I’ve made in my beautiful journey as as a leader/ as a speaker.

Every time I look at them, I think about all of the women who I’ve coached who have gone on to do great things, who will be winning their own awards and trophies. My heart sings when I think about that. That’s who these awards and trophies are for!

I was surprised when I ended up filling two shelves. But, I wasn’t wasn’t surprised when I found myself thinking, I hope that I fill another shelf in the next decade of my life, because of what they truly mean.

The gallery has photos of ‘names’ Ive spoken on stage with – you might recognise some! and some of the awards and trophies 🙂

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