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Every year, SHE Talks initiates 1-3 projects that YOU are invited to join.
All projects are documented, photographed and video’d, and you get a copy.

Once you choose the project you want to be a part of, think about the role you want to fulfil. This can either be something you know you’re good at, or a role that you want to grow into, taking initiative and learning as you go. We work as an integrated team, regularly in communication, with guidance from Fur and a TEAM Manager.

PROJECT KARMA ‘Your Photoshoot – Their Rescue’

Fundraiser – raising $10,000

This is a Fundraiser for Project Karma to rescue and rehabilitate hundreds of Children who are currently held captive in sex slavery – regrettably, the fastest growing business across the globe in 2021.

This money will go straight to the Project Karma fund to fund Project Karma’s next Sentinel task force. To raise this amount, I have created this fundraising event where speakers, business owners, entrepreneurs, models, and couples, can have a professional photoshoot with a trained make-up artist and professional industry photographer for a donation of $200 to Project Karma.

  • Assistant/runner
  • Participate
  • Photographer
  • Hair and Makeup artist
  • Event assistant manager
  • Donation of lunch for the volunteers

TDA Studio Thanks to Peter Tyrel of TDA Studio Moorabin

SATURDAY 10 JULY, 9am – 5pm

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    WOMEN AT EASE in the world as a woman

    Raise awareness – Short film for submission to Netflix and SBS


    • Videography team
    • Photography team
    • You have a story to share
    • Assistants
    • Admin and Fundraising
    • Social Media Manager
    • YouTube Manager

    Fill out the below form and we will get back to you right away!

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