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MELBOURNE’S BEST Regular Public Speaking Group for Women!

About this event

JOIN LEARN and PRACTICE Public Speaking

– Boost your confidence as a speaker

– Have a breakthrough in being fully self-expressed

– Practice delivering a talk in front of an audience


The Results you Want Start Here!

If you want to be a more confident communicator or become a captivating speaker, don’t you need to start communicating and speaking?

. . . to go from good to great, we need to practice!



Storytelling and Storyshowing

Generating authentic confidence that captivates her listener

Being an authentic communicator who gets her message to land


JOIN Learn and Practice ONLY $30 for 2 hours!

Define your core message, script a short inspirational talk and deliver it.

– NEXT DATE 08 OCTOBER or select a date that’s convenient for you.


It’s Your Turn to be The Confident Speaker

~ Guided by Keynote Speaker Fur Wale. Nominated Top 1% Public Speaking Coaches in Australia.

If you are a woman who wants to practice speaking in public, and have a breakthrough in being fully self-expressed! This is for you!

No more hesitation

No more procrastination


Learn – Discover Your Core Message – Craft a Talk – Practice Communication – Deliver Your Talk – Practice with Like-Minded Women.

My 2-hour online space is where you get to practice your public speaking, with me as your Public Speaking Coach, taking you to that next level!! You wll deliver a short talk that I get you prepared for.


LEARN 11 Distinctions for Public Speaking.

Activities after each distinction to reinforce the learnings in a practical way

PRACTICE Delivering a self-crafted talk.

Deliver a short talk that Fur Wale “The Breakthrough Coach” gets you prepared for.



Through the SHE Talks® Platform, you get to become a Confident, Credible, and Captivating, Authentic Speaker!

❣️ Limited numbers 12

❣️ Customised Public Speaking for Women

❣️ Interactive workshop for aspiring speakers

❣️ Direct coaching from Fur Wale of SHE Talks®

❣️ Improve confidence through practice

❣️ The art of non-verbal communication

❣️ The art of verbal communication

❣️ The skill of communication delivery

❣️ Learn the best inspirational short talk structure

❣️ Professional and audience feedback

– – – – – – >>



– want to speak up confidently

– want to be a better communicator!

– need to practice speaking in front of an audience

– want to get past your fear of speaking in front of people




You will find that this is a friendly, easy-going group, where you receive lots of value, resources, and ongoing support.

ONLY 12 women per workshop – this allows for greater access to coaching from Fur Wale.



Keynote Speaker and Top 1% Public Speaking Coach Fur Wale, delivers the kind of learning + discovery that activates real, tangible results in your body, mind, and voice, that impacts your way of being in the world, and more!

SHE Talks powerfully prepares you to be Authentically present & Captivating, whether to an audience of 1 or 1,000.



Authentic Public Speaking and Delivery.

“Once you know how captivating you are when you’re authentic to yourself, you will have discovered something more valuable.” Fur Wale




11 Distinctions for Public Speaking:

1. How to generate authentic confidence

2. Identify your confidence style

3. Understand why you get nervousness about Public Speaking

4. Manage nerves, self-doubt, and worrying about the audience

5. Technique for managing fear of Public Speaking

6. Get comfortable with the discomfort of Speaking in public

7. Be Authentic

8. Manage how you see the audience

9. How to Deliver a talk – First principles

10. How to create a talk – Talk structure

11. What to do next



I have made these sessions ridiculously low priced so that there are no barriers to you receiving what you need, to take you to the next stage.

I am sure that you’ll agree, $30 for 2 hours of learning and practicing is worth grabbing – $90 for 3 sessions means you also become a MEMBER.

Pay $90 and you receive 3 sessions because this is what works best!

SESSION 1. You are discovering your message.

SESSION 2. You have clarity around your message + how to deliver it.

SESSION 3. You feel you are prepared to (really) go for it​​​.

ONGOING SESSIONS: Pay for as many more sessions as you need and want to!​

OR, Take the next step!

JOIN The Credible Speaker MASTERCLASS



– 3 workshops at your convenience *valid 1 year

– Receive additional training and insider insights in the private virtual lounge

– 50% off Storyshowing Masterclass

– Discounts on all SHE Talks programs and Events + First access!!

– Access to Advanced Membership (where you get to rehearse an entire talk + peer review + direct coaching)

Don’t Miss Out!

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– Number1 Hall of Fame Speaker Tim Gard “I believe in what you do”

– Facebook & Twitters safety advisors Project Rockit “This is a business we can get behind!”



Business of the Decade – Australian Small Business

3,762 have accessed the SHE Talks platform to gain confidence & improve their communication.



  • Top 1% Public Speaking Coaches in Australia 2021
  • Top 10% Public Speakers Melbourne 2021
  • ‘Outstanding Speaker’ 2009-2020′
  • ‘Feminine Force of Success’ 2016, 2015

– – – – – – – ->>


“I can’t believe that in just 2 hours at SHE Talks that I completely overcame my fear of speaking in front of others! I can’t thank you enough Fur Wale I’ve been to all the workshops out there and nothing comes close to what you are doing with women, bravo!” Alicia Francis

“SHE Talks changed my life. When I first started I wasn’t sure how I’d go on stage. I no longer have any fear of speaking in public!” Charmaine Adam


– – – – – – – ->>


THIS is what really goes into success!

Don’t miss out — JOIN NOW


Deep transformation requires consistency.

That’s exactly what you’ll get when you become a SHE Talks MEMBER.



As a result of the work done through the powerful platform SHE Talks, women are able to radically transform all fear of public speaking & expertly take the stage sharing their burning message with absolute authenticity, confidence & credibility!


SHE Talks TEAM xo

and Fur Wale


‘Authentically – Credibly – Expertly’


For Further Information CONTACT:


M: 0406 417 463



You Can walk through the doorway of your possibility right now!


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